martes, 5 de noviembre de 2013

The Black Angels - River of blood

Trail away, an endless day, it happens once in your life.
To be enthroned, in your home well, meet me by the drum.
Amen (River of blood, river of blood) (River of blood, river of love)

Wreckin' days, you're flawless in ways, we break for the countryside.
The rebels were all shocked to find no food or guns in those mines.
You're sitting ducks (river of blood)

On this river of blood,
On this river of...

Safe to stay, streams of red and grey, it happens once in a while.
A freedom chase, right next to me, you've brought them their last wife,
but, it's not enough (river of blood)

On this river of blood
On this river of...
On this river of...

I hear footsteps coming near us
They're getting louder,
I am frightened 
This is it yeah, we are ready! 

Superkilling rings headed for me,
You're too damn human darlin'
New voices spinning in circles
I'll do what they tell me, 
If they get me 

You and I, will never know,
Probably be dead by tomorrow 
You and I, will never know 
You and I, you can know 
you and I It wasn't like they told me (I can't believe we got away)

This isn’t like they told me In the same room, 
With the same blood, 
Speaking freely, 
Talking has never been so easy 

On this river of blood
On this river of 
On this river of

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